Since July 2004 it has been possible for members of the public to instruct a barrister directly in a number of areas of law. I am able to accept direct access instructions in respect of all areas of work within which I practice. It is therefore possible for individuals and businesses to contact me directly and instruct me to appear in a court or tribunal on their behalf without the need for an intermediary to be instructed too (such as a solicitor or accountant). I do, however, also accept instructions from solicitors and accountants.


My practice is designed to support solicitors in providing additional services to supplement their own practices - in particular in relation to tax disputes, litigation and advice.

I also provide traditional advocacy services in respect of other contentious matters - primarily in relation to business disputes.

Please contact chambers by email or telephone in the first instance.


I accept instructions through licensed access and direct access. Accordingly, I am able to accept instructions from you on behalf of your clients where you need the services of a tax barrister.

My main area of expertise is in VAT advice and litigation - although I undertake litigation work in all areas of tax. I also have experience of litigation in some of the newer areas of indirect tax, such as aggregates levy and landfill tax.

My primary aim is to support instructing accountants in areas where they may need additional input on certain matters or where a matter is likely to proceed to a full hearing.

Please contact chambers by email or telephone in the first instance.

Individuals and Businesses

Don’t be deterred if you have never instructed a barrister directly in the past. There are many reasons why it makes sense to contact a barrister directly - particularly in a dispute situation.

Barristers are specifically trained to represent clients in courts and tribunals and are therefore perfectly placed to assist you if you find yourself in a dispute with someone. If it has not been possible to resolve the dispute through usual channels, or under a complaints procedure, I can help you with the next steps. Sometimes, it is also just useful to get an opinion from a barrister advocate about the likelihood of success should a matter go to a court or tribunal. Such insights can be essential in terms of negotiating a settlement that is fair to you.

A barrister can assist you to seek such a resolution to a legal problem, or to take the necessary steps to progress a matter through the courts or tribunals, as appropriate.

I would be happy to discuss your case with you directly, or you could ask your own solicitor or accountant to contact me on your behalf.

Various fee options are available to clients - including fixed fee arrangements.

Please contact chambers by email or telephone and I will be happy to discuss a way forward with you in more detail.